Managing researches in niche areas

  •  Assigning projects to designated researchers
  • Contractual agreement
  • Facilitating claims
  • Monitoring progress
  • Costing standards

Obtaining funds from stakeholders -associates and partners

  • Obtaining direct funds from ministries, agencies etc. for situation analysis, policy review and incubation projects
  • Collaborate with GLC's for Improvement projects
  • Collaborate with Private organizations for R&D projects
  • Collaborate with external organizations for back office projects
  • Offering experts' view through consultation projects

 Human Capital  
  • Developing database of experts in designated fields
  • Training in research and consultation
  • Benefits & rewards schemes
  • Developing Operation infrastructure
  • Offering grants for graduate studies
  • Obtaining candidates from associates' organizations
  • Assigning fellows for industrial talks/seminars
  • Aligning research areas with organizations' needs
  • Establishing own journal to facilitate publications & dissemination of information
  • Developing own Portal
  • Appoint internal fellows in diverse areas
  • Promotion
  • Linking with professional fraternities
  • Hosting annual international conference
  • Establishing connection with fund givers
  • Appoint associates as the Institute's fellows


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