JBMA - Volume 3, 2013

1. Owner Specific Factors, Firm Specific Factors, Internationalisation and Performance of SMEs in Sri Lanka: A Conceptual Framework
  Dharshana Mudalige, Noor Azizi Ismail, Sarath Dassanayaka
2. The Relationship between Environmental Management Practices and Environmental Performance: The Role of Organizational Culture 
  Che Zuriana Muhammad Jamil, Husna Johari
3. Selection of Small Business Practices Priorities
  Nor Hasni Osman, Abdul Aziz Jemain
4. Factors Influencing Adoption of Green Practices by Small and Medium Sized Hotels in Thailand
  Sruangporn Satchapappichit, Noor Azmi Hashim, Zolkafli Hussin
5. Adoption and Use of E-Procurement: A Case Study by HM Sdn. Bhd.
  Marhaiza Ibrahim