International and local students satisfaction of healthcare services

Aayed Qasem, Rohaizat Baharun

Management Department, Faculty of Management and Human Resources Development, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia



This research aims to measure the international and local students satisfaction toward university healthcare services provided by one public university. The study determines the students expectations, perception and the gap between them based on the five dimensions of service quality of a modified SERVQUAL instrument. A total of 273 respondents answered the questionnaires consisted of 134 international students and 139 local students. The study shows that both groups of students were generally not satisfied with the services provided by the healthcare centre. Dissatisfaction among the International students was more closely related to the assurance-dimension; while the local students were dissatisfied with the reliability-dimension. Furthermore, the results show significant differences between the international and local students satisfaction with regard to assurance-dimension only. 

Keywords: Students satisfaction, Students expectations, Students perceptions, Healthcare, Gap scores, SERVQUAL


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