The case focuses on the management of a family owned business, Era Edar Sdn. Bhd. The company is involved in homeopathy and alternative medicine. Dr. Azizan and Dr. Hamsiah, the founders of the company faced many issues and conflicts at early start-up and expansion stage of this family business. This business was set up intentionally as a family business and has gone through the succession process to the second generation although one of the founders still maintains her role in management and ownership of the company. Their famous product, EXAMO CKM 500, formulated by Dr. Azizan, has become synonym to this company. Dr. Hamsiah has confronted many challenges and tribulation in positioning Era Edar and KUSDA as a group of company to be known by the Malaysian society as today. The case highlights several conflicts including communication, family relation, jealousy, and strategies that have been taken by the founder to overcome the problems. This case also highlights the succession plan by the founders and there was also an element of culture in the succession plan.



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